Ballett, Philharmoniker

Transfigured Night

ON STAGE • Choreography by Marijn Rademaker with music by Arnold Schönberg • Cooperation of Ballett Dortmund with Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality

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Transfigured by nature!

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The first steps into a new life. Needed for that is a wish, a will and honesty. And the honesty takes courage. 
Courage comes from inner quarrel. Humans fight each day with inner ‚demons‘. But are they demons? Or are they just needed of a different perspective? Maybe a little bit of humor?
Maybe a count to 10? Devine intervention? These are the topics that Marijn Rademaker addresses in Arnold Schönberg's Transfigured Night. Inspired by Richard Dehmel’s poem from 1896.

The first part of the piece is played live by the sextet and focuses on the psychological mindset of the main characters. The sextet version of the music is more personal and detailed, which helps to better express the mixed feelings of the main characters, such as doubt, fear, anger, as well as the struggle of wanting to be honest and hopeful. The music in the second part goes from minor to major and will be played by the big string cast, which helps to represent the difference of feelings, in comparison to the first part. Here, the choreographer speaks of the greater good, different perspectives, acceptance and love which open up the world. 

Marijn Rademaker: „My aim is to take the public on a journey and come out different. -  And for me it is the beauty of art and life! It meanders and we transfigure.“


Dancers Alisa Uzunova, Simon Jones, Lúcio Kalbusch
Sextet of Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra Oleguer Beltran Pallarés, Joowon Park, Hindenburg Leka, MinGwan Kim, Franziska Batzdorf, Andrei Simion

Musical Director Gabriel Feltz
Choreography Marijn Rademaker
Film Director Mathieu Gremillet
Costume Design Thomas Lempertz
Lighting Design Stefan Schmidt
Dramaturgy / Concept Christian Baier, Marijn Rademaker
Camera Mario Simon, Jan Isaak Voges